Acme External Thread Mills - Series 35

Product Table

NOTE: All part numbers ending with -C are altin coated.
Command item
Command item
PART NODiameterPitchTip WidthNeck LengthFlutesShank DiaOverall LengthType1 PC2-1011-2526-100
NOTE: All part numbers ending with -C are altin coated.
132735-50000.1700 0.02100.375030.25002.5000acme$41.79$40.11$38.51$36.97
132835-5000-C0.1700 0.02100.375030.25002.5000acme$45.61$43.94$42.34$40.80
132935-50050.2200 0.02400.500030.25002.5000acme$54.60$52.50$50.41$48.30
133035-5005-C0.2200 0.02400.500030.25002.5000acme$58.43$56.33$54.23$54.23
133135-50100.2700 0.02800.750040.31202.5000acme$60.06$57.65$55.36$53.13
133235-5010-C0.2700 0.02800.750040.31202.5000acme$66.38$63.97$61.67$59.46
133335-50150.3700 0.03200.750040.37502.5000acme$73.48$70.66$67.82$53.15
133435-5015-C0.3700 0.03200.750040.37502.5000acme$79.80$76.97$74.14$59.46
133535-50200.5000 0.04101.000040.50003.0000acme$91.85$88.19$84.51$80.83
133635-5020-C0.5000 0.04101.000040.50003.0000acme$99.70$96.04$92.36$88.68
133735-50250.5800 0.05701.000060.50003.1250acme$107.92$103.77$99.62$95.47
133835-5025-C0.5800 0.05701.000060.50003.1250acme$118.47$114.32$110.10$106.02
133935-50300.8000 0.06902.000060.50003.1250acme$135.75$130.86$125.30$120.08
134035-5030-C0.8000 0.06902.000060.50003.1250acme$151.46$146.23$141.00$135.78
134135-50351.1200 0.08802.000080.50003.1250acme$135.75$130.53$125.30$120.08
134235-5035-C1.1200 0.08802.000080.50003.1250acme$167.68$161.82$156.26$150.79
NOTE: All part numbers ending with -C are altin coated.
Command item
Command item

Features: Acme External Thread Mills

  • Solid micrograin carbide
  • Cut internal or external acme threads

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